Speed, accuracy, and flexibility: these are what characterize all our ranges for carrying out complex gestures and handling fragile parts or parts which change shape.


Rovaldy, human gestures in complex scenarios.

Automation of mounting of tools or parts for processing on racks. 100% adaptive and configurable.


Flowpick, the pick & place robot range with the delicate touch.

Ideal for containers (high-end perfume producers, pharmaceuticals, etc.) or fragile products which change shape (food industry, cheese producers, confectioners, etc.).

La R&D de Siléane.

R&D at Siléane. Imagination with a methodical touch.

Set our engineers a challenge. They love that, but never lose sight of their ultimate goal: to make you competitive.

Siléane RobotiqueSiléane's speciality is the automation of human gestures in any given situation with a view to improving productivity within industrial, environmental, or food industry applications. Siléane gives you a choice: a collection of standard, turnkey, and fully customisable solutions (Rovaldy, Flowpick, and Kamido), or a highly imaginative ‘grey matter zone’ (outsourcing your R&D department).Siléane Robotique

For rapid pick & place applications or attaching parts to racks for painting, anodization, or electroplating, our new robotized solutions can make you much more competitive internationally. In a highly competitive world, Siléane's robotized lines - the Flowpick range for pick & place and RovaldyCréadécor and the new born Kamido ranges for human gestures - can significantly improve your competitiveness. A free diagnostics session will enable you to embark with confidence on a period of sustainable growth.

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The main reason I like working with Siléane is their ability to approach an industrial problem with an open ‘vision’, and a simple, sensible approach. This company is really good (+)
Industrial Director of a dried fruit specialist
Mr P. M.

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