R&D and special projects at Siléane

Our R&D Expertise is at your disposal

Traditional robotics cannot assess random environments, and unknown environments even less so.
Your production is sometimes dotted with strange parameters, that are not very easy to detect. It is in this untraditional and completely innovative context that we provide you with the very most. Reproducing and automating a specific gesture, Pick & Place operations, bin picking, assembling, sorting, deconstructing, etc. no limits!

From field to science and vice versa…

Mechanics, mechatronics, robotics, cobotics, vision, artificial intelligence: We are making our toolbox (and our brainboxes) available to you to invent your future processes!
We innovate with you, giving you the benefit of scientific reports (from Research with which we collaborate closely) and our experience of implementing industrial solutions. So we invent your future procedures (in complete confidentiality) starting with a “blank sheet” by observation, listening and pragmatism. It should be noted that the Siléane teams innovate but are known above all for delivering concrete results. Years of industrial experience enable us to make “highly practical innovations”, with great technological expertise.

“thinking outside the box”, common sense & pragmatism

In this context in industrial robotics, we like to meet challenges… providing they are profitable in the relatively short term.
This is in the interest of your performance but also, to be frank, in ours! Discretely but surely, we are being recognised for our ability to “think outside the box” or in a break with conventions, but always in a pragmatic way. This attitude has given rise to a growing phenomenon of developing our customers’ loyalty. They have become used to involving us very far upstream of their projects, in the consideration phase.

  • Expertise, technical assistance, support.
  • Prototyping, feasibility, estimation of Return on Investment.
  • Study and production of an industrial prototype.
  • Risk management.
  • Search for financing.

Confidentiality is essential

More detailed examples could be seen here in this chapter linked to the services of  R&D but confidentiality is essential (and also exclusivity contracts, etc.) with some of our customers (Pasquier, Saint-Gobain, Bongrain, Veolia, Orano, etc.). We adhere to our commitments with this sensitive data.

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