The glass industry

Restrictive environments and extremely fragile products

Speciality: manufacture of small bottles!

Perfume bottles, shaped bottles, etc. Here more than elsewhere, your products depend on the imagination of your designers and your marketing departments. Our flexible robots have understood this very well! They adapt constantly to your developments.

We have been handling container glassware for a long time, particularly in the cold sector. We offer a range of standard, flexible machines for complete automation:

  • automated lehr unloader
  • FLOWPICK lines for flexible packaging
  • centralised palletisation
  • mobile robotics and flow management.

Lehr unloaders

Vials – Shaped or standard bottles, etc.

  • Picking up and putting down takes place while the conveyor is moving.
  • It is common to process up to 20 cycles/minute.
  • Installation can take place on the ground or on gantries.
  • The gripping function is both adaptable and universal.
  • It is possible to process many references as a result of our robot & vision learning".
  • The PC operating method is user-friendly. – Integrated conveyor system and accumulation table.

Automated boxing line

Vials-Bottles, regular slotted cartons, food trays with dividers, thermoformed boxes.

  • We deal with rates of up to  80 strokes/minute and by robot.
  • Our lines may be multi-robot (single or dual).
  • Our visual recognition system processes the shape and the orientation.
  • It is possible to process many references as a result of our “robot & vision learning".
  • Considerably reduced tooling and changing time.
  • Packaging control and resetting in real time. – The PC operating method is user-friendly.
  • See the Flowpick range