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I appreciate the Siléane team very much because it is able to meet industrial challenges and believe in a project, even if it is complex!

Mr. B. Director of cheese production

“A new first experience which heralds the possibility for us to extend this system to other applications. In addition, we are really very satisfied with the operation of this cell and our collaboration with the Siléane team. “

M. D & J. F. Groupe PSA

The main reason why I like working with Siléane is because of their ability to approach an industrial problem with open “vision”, particularly using simple logic. This company has strong ability in terms of innovation, listening to customers’ problems and providing answers.

Mr P. M. Industrial director at a dried fruit specialist

First of all we started with tests, which convinced us of Siléane’s ability to meet our needs. We put a first robot on line. This was a one-year test phase for this robot working in parallel with our own robots, which were operating but showing signs of reaching their end-of-life. It was a successful experiment because, after we had observed the technical and picking reliability, the relatively low maintenance costs, and the much lower product breakage rate, five more robots were installed.

M. C. CEO at a biscuit specialist

For Siléane everything is always possible. Once again this year, the extremely responsive SME is supporting us in inventing a robot which will enable us to modulate our packaging, by moving quickly and easily from putting our products into alveolar packing to a flowpacker.

M. R. CEO at a confectionery specialist