Agile robotics

Robotics, vision and artificial intelligence for industry.

Industry 4.0 by Sileane

Siléane’s speciality is the automation of human gestures in any given situation with a view to improving productivity within industrial, environmental, or food industry applications. Siléane gives you a choice: A collection of standard, turnkey, and fully customisable solutions (Rovaldy, Flowpick, and Kamido), or a highly imaginative ‘grey matter zone’ (outsourcing your R&D department).

Siléane from the inside

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Industrial robotics is developing to become both agile and connected in the Industry 4.0 world. Today production constraints are such that robots are evolving and must adapt to take their environment into account every second. So the challenge is to make robots adaptive, flexible and able to communicate. This means they are capable of detecting their environment and adapting to it in real time. Visual recognition, adaptive guidance, orientation and quality control. So whether photographs, optics, image processing or control of variant parameters are involved, the reliability of many applications is purely and simply a matter of experience. In random or unknown situations, Siléane robotics technology enables robots to understand all the subtleties of a 3D space in real time and adapt their trajectories to it automatically. Thus complexity, unpredictability and randomness are managed by our self-adapting robots.

So we combine robotics, vision and artificial intelligence to automate your production lines. Since 2002, we have designed and produced 3 robots, which are now industrialised and standardised: Flowpick for Pick & Place (a robot devoted to handling products that are often fragile in high rate production flows), Rovaldy (a robot devoted to the surface treatment industry for attaching and detaching, assembling and dismantling, loading and unloading parts onto treatment supports), Kamido for bin picking (a self-adapting robot for bin picking, waste sorting and picking/kitting operations). FLOWPICK, ROVALDY and KAMIDO make up a range of “standard machines” for many of these niche applications.

Research and development is at the very heart of our business. We also offer an outsourced R&D service to companies. Technological innovation is part of our DNA and is our main driver. We move from field to science and vice versa every day and are able to develop “blank sheet” completely novel (4.1!) solutions just for you by combining our many skills (vision, mechanics, automation, robotics, IT, project engineering, etc.). In this way we have built strong partnerships and have many different patents, either our own or shared.

Today, Siléane is a benchmark player serving a large industrial clientèle (agri-food, pharmacy, luxury and cosmetics, automobile, nuclear, environment, logistics, watchmaking, micro-technology, etc.).