for the automobile industry, mechanics and the plastics industry 

It might be thought that in terms of robotics for the automobile, mechanics and plastics industries everything has already been done. However, technologies advance, constantly targeting greater productivity, quality, speed and efficiency. The is still much room for improvement and we know how to enable you to benefit from it. Industry 4.0 area calls for digitisation of production processes, robots able to self-learn and real time adaptation. To provide your production lines with flexibility, we develop your tailor-made solutions with you.

vision and action in real time

Save time and reduce costs, the future of the automobile, mechanics and plastic industries requires cutting edge industrial robotics. At all manufacturing stages (welding, painting, quality control) Siléane’s specific technologies (Flowpick, Rovaldy, and Kamido) can become assets for mechanical industries.

Traditionally robots are able to reproduce a pre-learned or programmed gesture… but… produce (and no longer reproduce) a spontaneous gesture in real time without learning and reacting to the context! Siléane’s innovative solutions enable the machines to understand random situations “on the spot” and in real time. They adapt their trajectories automatically. Some are even “self-leaning”! See for yourself!

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