Siléane’s men and women have been serving their customers since 2002. They give eyes and hands to “blank” robot arms and endow them with analysis capabilities for many industrial applications (agri-food industry, pharmacy, HPC, environment, plastics industry, micro-technology, automobile, etc.).

Handling, packing, assembling, … sorting waste, deconstructing for recycling, bin picking all kinds of objects, … these are all activities that our technologies serve efficiently for the automation of gestures in random or unknown contexts, where blind robots can no longer operate.

Our teams use all their enthusiasm to innovate in many disciplines (mechanics, mechatronics, robotics, cobotics, vision, artificial intelligence, etc.). So Siléane robots analyse their environment and adapt their gestures and movements in real time to act meticulously, accurately, delicately and speedily. This is what makes them so different!

At the crossroads of digital, optics and automation, Siléane’s activity and R&D stimulates the industrial sectors, proof of which is seen in its market-leader products.

Located in Saint-Etienne, Siléane now has nearly 90 members of staff and has a turnover in the order of 11 million Euros.

The team

Men and women full of ideas!

80% are engineers, with an average age of 29! Our motto: sense of service and a willingness to work hard. The men and women in our company are firmly focussed on future robotics, with a real field-based culture. They are open and meticulous.  When processing your projects they remain reasonable and pragmatic. Their aim is to provide you with a positive solution or service in terms of return on investment, adhering to your specifications, so that they always offer you the very best.

SilÉane: The suggestion box

Simple solutions for complex problems

Discretely but surely we are making progress and are now recognised for our ability to “think outside the box”, or make breakthroughs, but always in a concrete, industrial way. Very often there is not just one solution, but many. As a result of past experience, we have been able to capitalise on know-how and expertise, and our engineers will provide you with their tips (robots, prehension, vision, etc.) in order to make your solution reliable, precise and fast, always with the least maintenance and periphery possible.

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