Kamido prepares your orders

For Siléane the experience of logistics warehouse automation began with the development of KAMIDO, the bin picking robot, which can adapt in real time and learn by itself due to its system for analysing its environment.

Today we are developing our KAMIDO robot for operations of order preparation, picking and kitting which are peculiar to the logistics warehouse business.

Configured according to your requirements and the layout of your premises, we take into account your space and production restrictions to develop your automation project.

The KAMIDO bin picking robot is able to manage new references without learning, to move to your storage areas and lift heavy loads. The flexibility present is the result of its self-learning capacity. You don't need to programme your references beforehand.

Quite simply KAMIDO obeys the precedence for the orders it receives.

You can view the opinion of MATY which has undertaken a vast project for the complete automation of its logistics warehouse with the help of Siléane: