Bin pick, sort!

KAMIDO, the compact robot for industrial bin picking.

The first stand-alone bin picking robot able to operate with or without training to deal with known or unknown products, KAMIDO has the advantage of all Siléane’s experience in terms of mechanics, vision, robotics and artificial intelligence.

KAMIDO is now a range of proven bin picking robots, which will soon have about a hundred applications in its variety of models. KAMIDO makes itself useful in the three following worlds:

Kamido is made for unexpected circumstances and adapts its gestures from among an infinite number of positions. Superimposed, tangled, heterogeneous products, etc.; even with only partial visibility Kamido identifies and picks your products in bulk, in piles or in containers. When these products move with each picking, Siléane’s Reflex technology enables it to follow their new positions in real time and re-adapt its gesture. 

Bin picking, picking from bulk, distribution, loading of machines, sorting, picking, etc. Whenever you need to bin pick from piles of objects in containers, in boxes or in flows, Kamido is scalable depending on the size of your products and your application environment, which amongst other things makes it possible to reduce, as far as possible, its space requirement (details about the K0, K1,K2 and K3 ranges below).

After many years of R&D and successful initial experiments in the recycling sector, Siléane is now intended for all industries concerned by the need to deal with products in bulk. KAMIDO has won many trophies for innovation since it was created, with a pick and place capacity at rates of 30 to 120 strokes/minute. It continues to be the subject of permanent investment in in-house R&D.


The technology developed by Siléane is based on the synergy of several proven bricks and incorporated within a single offer allowing autonomy and scalable intelligence. This is with or without the need for prior training depending whether the products are known or not:

  • 1 – Vision Reflex 3D technology and sensors by Siléane
  • 2 – Real time intelligent algorithms by Siléane
  • 3 – Fast, compact and reliable industrial robots chosen according to the application from among the leading brands on the market
  • 4 – The range of adaptive grippers produced by Siléane and selected in real time depending on the product.
  • 5 – Pre-distribution systems (for the K0 and K1 ranges)

KAMIDO presents the following assets:

  • Stand-alone, flexible 3D bin picking system capable of managing the unpredictable without adjustment or training.
  • Gain in competitiveness with automation of tasks that previously remained manual possible
  • Compact, simple solution
  • Fast return on investment with high rate operation and standard solutions
  • Supply of a turnkey solution with a guarantee of results and on site installation
  • Positive feedback from our customers and prospects about the KAMIDO solution.


KAMIDO is a wide range of robots designed to meet three requirements for industry :

KAMIDO 1 (K1) – Flexible distribution of light products of all types
For supplying machines or processes from bulk at relatively high rates of 30 to 100 strokes/minute, for light, rigid products or light, deformable products. This is the case for products from the agri-food, environment, watchmaking, micro-technology, pharmacy, cosmetics and medical industries, etc.

KAMIDO 2 (K2) – Bin picking for heavy products
From the original product container for loading machines at the head or side of the line. K2 bin picks 400 to 800 parts per hour. The automobile and mechanics industries are particularly concerned by these operations.

KAMIDO 3 (K3) – Picking/Kitting for automating order preparation
Robotising order preparation for various products in the logistics sector, including agri-food, e-commerce, pharmaceutical industry, textile, automobile spare parts logistics, etc. It involves picking different components packed in bulk from many sources to make up a batch corresponding to a customer order.