Devoted to surface treatment!


Rovaldy is a range of robots dedicated to assembling and dismantling your parts on your surface treatment supports (treatment by electrolysis, painting, lacquering, metallising, etc.). Rovaldy adapts to all your supports (single or double-sided racks, turning racks, satellites, stays, etc.). It adapts in real time to all the geometric profiles your products may have and significantly reduces your production time… everything is automated and completely configurable. By automating gestures creatively, we can help you reduce or even eliminate “added expenditure”. Significant gains in prospect in terms of productivity, arduousness and safety.

Does manually attaching your parts on supports take too much time?

Rovaldy is dedicated to surface treatment workshops: galvanising, painting, etc. The manual phases of attachment and removal of parts on racks or chains are tiresome and time-consuming. There is great diversity: multiple sizes, product references, frequent production changeovers, tooling etc.

Finally Rovaldy automates assembly and dismantling: our robots for assembly or dismantling on many supports (single or double-sided racks, turning racks, satellites, stays, hooks, etc.) adapt in real time to deal with your different products. Your process becomes completely automated and configurable. ROVALDY robots attach and detach all types of part and reduce production time in your workshops.

Adaptivity, flexibility

The REFLEX Vision 3D technology developed by Siléane enables the machines to analyse the surrounding 3D space in random situations and real time: the placing trajectories are adjusted depending on the exact position of the supports in the space (claws, pins, strips, etc.) by an algorithm making it possible to recalculate their precise geometry in real time. The robot arms adapt their trajectories to mimic the full subtlety of the human gesture.

A major gain in productivity: ROVALDY brings real flexibility to your production line (given the numerous changes of racks and parts). The robot can re-configure itself automatically in less than a minute at each tool change. The arms are fitted with changers and tool stores whilst all the trajectory and vision parameters are recorded in a database.

Additionally, as the user ROVALDY enables you to create your future productions yourself (new product, new tooling), using its intuitive configuration system.

Siléane technology also comes in a form for gripping very small parts and is known as Micro-Rovaldy !

FLOW MANAGEMENT and modularity

The modularity of the machines makes it possible to build lines that are totally adapted to the configuration of your workshops.

For the surface treatment industry, the questions of production line flows and modularity are crucial. These two parameters are a routine part of the consideration in the design phase in order to answer the following questions:

  • How can a stock of multi-reference parts connected to production orders be provided and managed?
  • How can the loading of assembly lines be ensured continuously when several references come into play?
  • How can the surplus of unattached parts be managed?
  • How can an uninterrupted attachment flow be ensured with production changeover times of less than 5 minutes?

We combine our various technologies and robots to offer modular technical solutions. For example, a complete line could include our KAMIDO robot for bin picking parts, a mobile, stand-alone robot for managing the flows of parts and stocks, a ROVALDY assembly line, a ROVALDY dismantling line, as well as installations for the management of racks and supports either off-line or on-line.

In any event, we will design your tailor-made solution adhering to YOUR requirements and constraints (factory configuration, production, equipment, etc.).

Technical point

Automatic part management (parts module)
Workflow and part distribution:

  • from bulk;
  • from your packaging (piles of thermoformed trays or others).

Automatic management of turning racks/tooling (racks module)
Workflow and tool distribution:

  • directly from trolleys;
  • via and overhead conveyor;
  • via an airlock and a handling gantry.

Attaching/detaching process (attaching/detaching module)
6-axis robotic arms sized according to the application (part sizes) and the environment (hardening, clean room, etc.).

  • Precision < 0.1 mm;
  • adapted working radius;
  • attaching and/or detaching rate: 2 to 5 seconds depending on application and reference.


  • Adaptive depending on application and reference

Guidance by REFLEX 3D Vision, at all stages of the process

  • Picking for locating parts on trays or parts in bulk;
  • Very high resolutions resetting for precise positioning of the part in the gripper;
  • Pin placing for attaching/detaching trajectory to match the morphology of each pin.

ROVALDY computer

  • Production data feedback (rate, incorrect placing, etc.);
  • Automatic order control and production changeovers.

Programming and settings

  • Settings and programming autonomy for the customer;
  • Intuitive HMI facilitating the configuration of new references (parts, racks, etc.);
  • fast training model for visual recognition;
  • ROVALDY software delivered with full database (type of pins, etc.).