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SILEANE sera présente au salon bi-annuel leader mondial de l’industrie du verre et de ses sous-traitants : GLASSTEC ! Comme toujours, il se déroule pour sa 26ème édition à Düsseldorf (Allemagne) et durant 4 jours du 20 au 23 septembre 2022.

Our sales team will be present in Hall 15, stand D27 to discuss technological advances in the glass industry and to demonstrate one of our FLOWPICK™ machines specialising in vial packaging.

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The glass industry

Glass is a material that we use every day and that many manufacturers in France and around the world are committed to producing and shaping. This material has transparent, thermal, elastic and recyclable properties. In the factories, glass is handled hot to be transformed according to the models imagined by the designers. The glass is then handled cold to be decorated and packaged. Glass objects (bottles, flasks, windows, tableware, decorative objects, etc.) vary greatly in weight, size and colour. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The processes of production, decoration and packaging of glass in factories mobilise teams of great expertise, who know how to anticipate the risks associated with activity in this sector (heat, management of the fragility of products, management of MSD associated with the handling of products for operators).

Glass: a fragile and difficult material to handle?

At Siléane, our engineers love to take up challenges and propose concrete and sustainable solutions to manufacturers with highly variable production. One of Siléane’s specialities is the handling of glass bottles. We offer a range of standard and flexible machines for the complete automation of production workshops:

  • Robotic arch unloader ;
  • Flexible and adaptive packaging lines;
  • Centralized palletizing ;
  • Mobile robotics and flow management.

Our speciality is the bottling and handling of hollow glass, particularly in cold ends.

Here are some examples of the robots we have built for customers in the glass industry who trust us:

Here are some examples of the robots we have built for customers in the glass industry who trust us:

The Flowpick™ range for glassmakers!

Arches unloader

déchargeur-d'arches-glasstecarch unloader-glasstec

The FLOWPICK “arch unloader” module feeds complete lines of bottles onto the conveyor of the downstream packaging modules. In addition, it operates in continuous flow thanks to dual product tracking technology and achieves outputs of 8 to 10 bottle lines/minute depending on product stability.

Packaging and unpacking machines


The FLOWPICK machines dedicated to arch unloader packaging are equipped with 6-axis robots. Moreover, they can pack 40 products/minute on average and up to 50 products/minute/robot depending on the complexity of the trajectory of deposit in the containers (PTF, cross-braced cartons, etc). Only one operator is required to run the line. The module is also capable of removing the bottles from the cartons to load the subsequent process lines.

Loading scenery lines


Vision-guided PICK & PLACE in continuous flow to load the decorating lines. The 6-axis robots pick up the parts from the conveyor belt and position them on the tools of the decoration line. The control of the backlash is managed by a clamping mechanism for an appropriate continuous guidance system.     Our sales team remains at your disposal to discuss your industrial needs.