Flowpick – Pick & Place

The “Reflex” Pick & Place! FLOWPICK, THE ADAPTIVE PICK & PLACE ROBOT The Flowpick robotic machines from Siléane manage random flows, and loose, fresh or fragile products. They are able to sort, calibrate, handle, and…


Kamido – Bin picking

Bin pick, sort! KAMIDO, the compact robot for industrial bin picking. The first stand-alone bin picking robot able to operate with or without training to deal with known or unknown products, KAMIDO has the advantage…


Rovaldy – 3D GESTURES

Devoted to surface treatment! ROVALDY ATTACHES AND DETACHES ON YOUR TOOLS. Rovaldy is a range of robots dedicated to assembling and dismantling your parts on your surface treatment supports (treatment by electrolysis, painting, lacquering, metallising,…