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Gérard Perrollet, founder of ROBAUT Conception, and Hervé Henry, founder of the SILEANE group, announce the acquisition of ROBAUT Conception by the SILEANE robotics group from Saint-Etienne.


Founded 35 years ago, ROBAUT Conception (turnover 3.7 M€ – 23 people) based in Chignin in Savoie (73) on the Grenoble-Geneva axis is an integrator and manufacturer of special machines for industry.

With a multidisciplinary team of 23 people combining experience and innovation, the company has built its reputation on the automation and robotization of assembly processes in various advanced industrial sectors, including watchmaking, electronics, electrical engineering and pharmaceuticals. With this expertise, ROBAUT Conception reinforces the offer of the SILEANE group, in particular on the know-how of assembly and control operations in the manufacturing production process.

In this new impetus alongside the entire ROBAUT team, Sylvain BONI, with 15 years of experience in the company, is taking over the management of the site in the continuity of Gérard Perrollet who, after having built up and developed this fine company, is now keen to pass on the baton and devote himself to new projects.

After the creation of an entity in Toulouse in May 2022 and the mergers carried out over the last two years with ROBSYS in Villefranche-sur-Saône and VISIONIC in Rouen, this new integration is in line with Groupe SILÉANE’s strategy to position the company among the European leaders in robotics 4.0 engineering on markets with high technological and regulatory requirements. The group’s vocation is to build innovative adaptive robotics solutions, custom-made or in series, to serve the competitiveness and development of industries in Europe. Setting up close to its customers in the various industrial basins in France, Switzerland and Germany is a priority for the Sileane group. These locations allow the group to combine proximity with its know-how through an agile offer combining 4.0 technologies in robotics, vision and artificial intelligence, in particular through its pick & place, un-pulling, 3D gesture, vision control and now, precision assembly solutions. The synergies between all the group’s entities are intended to be based on the respective expertise and innovation capacities of each to combine solidity, technicality and reactivity for the benefit of their current and future customers.

So, the two companies have decided to join forces to accelerate their development, serving a broad customer base of major accounts, ETIs and SMEs in Europe. Founded in 2002, the Siléane group, headquartered in Saint-Etienne, has a team of 140 people specialising in adaptive robotics, and invests 10% of its turnover in R&D every year. The company is now one of the most established robotics companies in France (see Xerfi study[1]). The Siléane group will achieve sales of €25m by 2022 and is aiming for €40m by 2025, both through external growth and the continued development of its Saint-Etienne headquarters and its export markets, which already account for 30% of its business.

As a result, the Group’s future as a Robotics integrator through all these complementary entities is promising in terms of developments that will be designed to lead the teams towards projects that are rich in the sharing and merging of ideas to provide ever better service for our customers and for a growing French and European industry! 🚀

[1] https://www.xerfi.com/presentationetude/Les-marches-de-la-robotique-en-France_9EEE18/teaser.