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This afternoon we are taking part in the Digital Event organised by the Nuclear Valley cluster in Lyon. This is a key event for digital players in the nuclear industry.
The day will be divided into 5 themed sessions:

  • Connected operator ;
  • Artificial Intelligence ;
  • Operational performance and productivity;
  • Cybersecurity ;
  • VR / VA / Simulation, BIM and Digital Twins.

A pitch session will enable a selection of Nuclear Valley members to present their companies and projects in relation to the 5 themes of the day. We are delighted to have been selected to present Siléane, which is doing more and more for this constantly evolving sector.
We will be taking part in a number of speeches, including one by Philippe Frantz, Chairman of the Nuclear Valley cluster, before taking part in a round table discussion on the theme of “Digital strategies and synergies to meet the challenges of the various nuclear projects”.
As a Nuclear Valley member, we would like to thank the cluster for this unique annual event, which gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas with other innovative companies in the nuclear sector.

For more information, visit the Nuclear Valley cluster website.


Created over 15 years ago, Nuclear Valley is a French competitiveness cluster specialising in the regional nuclear and defence industries.
It fosters the emergence of innovative and competitive solutions through a network of more than 400 members made up of companies and organisations. These members can receive support in R&D, innovation, growth, employment, training and economic development, both in France and internationally.
The cluster unites its members around 5 technological areas:

  • Equipment design and construction
  • Operation and maintenance;
  • Dismantling, recycling, storage and the fuel cycle;
  • Civil engineering and nuclear concretes;
  • Digital technology.