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On 07/06/2023, we hosted a BPI France POP-UP bringing together 80 directors of companies with the “BPI Excellences” label in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes for a conference on the theme of “Setting your company on a growth path”. We heard first-hand accounts from the directors of Eco-Ring, Trescartes and Sofama.

All aspects of growth were discussed, including the vital issue of “decision-making” and the inevitable “loneliness of the entrepreneur”: from strategy to recruitment, and including the management of unpredictable events, whether climatic, economic or geopolitical. In each situation, illustrated by contributions from Mr Picard, Ms Thiollier from Ecoring, Ms Huguette from Trescartes and Mr Raberin from Sofama, the role of the BPI was to support the risk-taking of managers. From the outset, Siléane has benefited from the support of the BPI in its structuring and growth, notably through access to a wide range of training and support programmes (accelerators, BPI university, etc.).
The day’s discussions also highlighted the need for companies to adapt to their changing environment: embracing change, not resting on their laurels, taking decisions that will secure the future of the company and its teams, by mobilising a variety of investment levers: tangible, intangible and financial. Each lever is designed to promote the added value that the company brings to its customers and employees: innovation on the technical side, employee training on the skills side, land and work tools on the production side, etc. The life of a company is not linear, and at the end of this day we can thank the BPI for its support.
A big thank you to everyone who came to this event, as well as to the BPI representatives who organised this day and who have followed us for so many years in our projections!