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Within our rich AURA region, we are delighted to be taking part in the AXELERA Day event on Thursday 22 June, organised in Villeurbanne. Held in partnership with CEA Liten and IFPEN, the theme of the event is “CO2: issues and opportunities. What challenges for carbon-intensive industries?”

There will be 3 main events on the day:

Firstly, we will have the privilege of welcoming Valérie Masson-Delmotte, Co-Chair of IPCC Group 1 since 2015, Director of Research at the CEA, and a renowned French palaeoclimatologist. She will introduce this session by explaining the links between CO2 and the climate in order to raise our awareness of the climate emergency.

Secondly, projects by AXELERA members will be highlighted under 3 themes: the Circular Economy, Chemistry Solutions and Resource Preservation/Training. For this third edition, we have been chosen to highlight our RED LINE project, which uses robotics, vision and artificial intelligence to sort nuclear waste.

Finally, there will be a prize-giving ceremony for two winners in the “Public/private collaboration or partnership in the chemical-environmental sector” and the “Key account/SME relationship” categories. A festive “Word Tour” cocktail party will be offered by Oscar Les Puces at the end of this time of exchange, which will strengthen the links between members of the AXELERA cluster.

For more information, visit the AXELERA competitiveness cluster website.