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We are delighted to be hosting an event organised by BPI France in Saint-Etienne on Wednesday 7 June for 80 business leaders from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The theme of the event is “Setting your business on a growth path”.

This creates a parallel with the development of the Siléane group following our internal structuring actions for our endogenous growth and our various external growth actions carried out since 2020 with Robsys (Villefranche-sur-Saône), Visionic (Rouen) and Robaut (Chambéry). A year ago, we also opened our Siléane subsidiary in Toulouse, where the team continues to expand.

During the day, we will be delighted to show the BPI France delegation around our site, where they will be able to see some of our machinery equipped with vision, AI and robotics. This will be followed by a conference focusing on growth and hosted by the companies:

  • Eco-ring, a new player offering alternative solutions for recycling industrial waste, based in Chambéon (42);
  • Trescarte, a grower and supplier of green puy lentils and pulses, based in Loudes (43);
  • Sofama, specialising in the manufacture of leather goods, based in Allier (03), Loire (42) and Haute-Loire (43).

Bpifrance’s partnerships with the Ecole des Mines, IAE and CETIM will round off the conference.

A cocktail reception will be served at the end of the conference, providing an opportunity to strengthen links between members of the BPI network.